Ways to Get Sexy When It’s Hot

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Ways to Get Sexy When It’s Hot

Folks, I don’t know if you’ve been outside lately, but holy frijoles! It’s pretty much miserably hot in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Every. Single. Day.


With all this obnoxious, offensive, downright oppressive heat, you might be feeling like the idea of getting… well, hot and heavy… with another human being (or even with yourself) sounds like way more sweaty trouble than it’s worth.

With that in mind, we’ve got some helpful thoughts on how to get your freak on without pushing the limits of heat exhaustion. Here’s a few ideas to consider…

1. Shower Play


Okay, yes. You had to know this was the first option we were going to pull out of the hat. I mean, c’mon. They’d take away our sex-blogger card if we didn’t include shower time as an option.

Outside of the obvious cliches, there are some legitimate reasons that shower sex makes perfect sense when you think about avoiding the heat. A) You can control the water temperature, and B) even if you get a little sweaty, you’re already washing it off and getting clean.

While we all love a good bath-time romp, baths tend to be either much warmer or much less enjoyable at a more tepid temperature. Thus, the shower wins out as the bathing-option-du-jour. Just remember to go for the oil-based lubricant, as the running water will make it hard to stay naturally lubricated, and nobody wants a friction burn down there.

2. Water Sports


And now we come to obvious option #2 – getting frisky in some other body of water. Honestly, it just makes good sense. We all want to head to the nearest body of water when it’s this hot anyway, so why not combine it with your other favorite activity? You can keep cool while turning up the heat, and if you’ve ever grabbed a partner while in the pool (or lake, or river, or hot tub, or that 6 foot wide blue plastic wading pool from Wal-Mart), you already know there’s something just sort of erotic about two bodies co-mingling in the water.

Sex in the water can be great… with some very clear caveats. First off, make sure it’s a body of water that it’s okay to bump uglies in. We don’t need anyone getting a record because they got carried away at the community pool and the kiddies saw. Second, be sure that the water is safe enough for the activity you’re planning. We all like to think that we’re in clean, pristine waters when we’re floating the river, but the simple fact is that a lot of the water we play in is loaded with bacteria and micro-organisms. Know your own risk level and plan accordingly. And finally, make sure you follow the same oil-based lube suggestion from the previous point about showers.

3. Hotel Trysts


Hey, I know what you’re thinking – why go to a hotel if we have a perfectly good place at home? Simple – hotels offer small spaces with built-in, room controlled air conditioning. That, and there’s also the fact that science has proven that hotel sex is about 4000% hotter than home sex.
*statistics completely fabricated, but sound good anyway

Think about it, though. Whether you’re on vacation (another frequent summer activity) or just doing a little staycation in town, hotels offer all the best benefits to beat the heat while you’re getting busy. There’s no responsibility to clean up afterward (within reason, folks. Let’s not traumatize the hotel staff after your visit), there’s no responsibility in the other room waiting for you to address it, and the air conditioner can be cranked ALL the way up and nobody cares!

Heat problem solved. Now, if there was only some way to get those complimentary robes home with you…

4. Ice, Ice Baby


Want to get really direct with your cooling-down techniques? Explore some temperature/sensation play. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a great link from Refinery 29 that breaks it all down and gives you some helpful tips and tricks.

The TLDR version: use ice cubes (or anything else that’s cold, really) to physically stimulate your partner and/or yourself. The cooling sensation gives a totally new experience to the rest of the activities, and just might become your new favorite way to cool down when you’re feeling a little revved up.

We can’t guarantee you won’t get aroused later by a glass of water that has condensation slowly running down its side in sleek little beads, but then again, would that be such a bad thing? After all, we all love those sex-flashbacks that pop up at random times afterward.

5. Embrace It


Finally, and maybe most practically, there’s always the option to just lean into it. Our only natural recourse for cooling down is to remove the extra layers we put on – our bra, our shirts, our pants, whatever – and get down to our base layer. Surely it’s not a coincidence that the way our bodies naturally cool down is the same way we tend to prefer to be when we’re having a little sexy time, right?

This option may not be as exotic or exciting as some of the others above, but it’s always available and doesn’t require anything else to make it happen. For this reason alone, it’s probably our favorite of all the options listed. Even if you’re not stripping down explicitly for sex, you’d be surprised how often things lead to sex once the extra layers come off. You’re welcome 😉


Alright, folks. We get it. It’s stupid hot out there. We’ve got several more months of this weather, too, so there’s no use fighting it. Instead, take these helpful hot weather sexy time ideas (or come up with some of your own) and keep your cool while you’re still getting all hot and heavy. And just remember, for all your accessories, toys, lingerie and more, be sure to stop in and see us at The Pink Boxxe. Our A/C is always running full-blast, so you’ll at least be comfortable while you’re shopping for your adult needs.