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At The Pink Boxxe, we believe in the power of good sex. Scratch that – we believe in the power of amazing sex. And we think everyone is entitled to just that. We offer the highest-quality lingerie, sex novelties and accessories in San Antonio. Our comfortable, inviting environment makes it easy to find something that’s sure to hit the right spot. Come visit our upscale adult store and see what makes us different at The Pink Boxxe.


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Item of the Month

February 2023

We understand that adult retail stores can be intimidating, and it can be difficult to get expert advice and recommendation. That’s why our pleasure experts curate our selection to make one unique recommendation every month. Check back every month to get unique recommendations that you’re sure to love!

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An Upscale Adult Store for Her, for Them, for You…

Sometimes, shopping for sex toys and lingerie can be overwhelming. We know it. We get it. We believe in pleasure equality. You deserve to have fabulous and intimate sexual experiences. At The Pink Boxxe, we’ve got you covered.


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Whether you’re celebrating your bachelorette party, your divorce party, your birthday, or you just want to have a fun, stimulating night out, we cater to a wide variety of parties, events, and special occasions. Contact our team to learn more and book your next event at our upscale boutique!

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