Benefits of a Daily Orgasm

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Benefits of a Daily Orgasm

Taking your pleasure into your own hands (yes pun intended) should be a fun, easy, and regularly occurring venture. Browse the internet for reasons why you should partake in a daily orgasm, and you will find no shortage of articles gushing (ha ha) on the subject. 

In a study published by the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, heterosexual men are leading the way when it comes to having regular orgasms: 95 percent said that they usually-to-always orgasm when intimate, followed by 89 percent of gay men, and 88 percent of bisexual men. 

Meanwhile, for women: 86 percent of lesbians say that they usually-to-always orgasm when intimate, but only 66 percent of bisexual women and 65 percent of heterosexual women said they do. Which means women (especially bisexual and heterosexual women) are definitely not fully reaping the benefits of a regular orgasm much less a daily orgasm. 

Come on, ladies, what are we doing? Let’s prioritize the O! Here are but a few reasons why prioritizing a daily orgasm (whether solo or with a friend) will serve you more than you realize. 



Feeling relaxed, de-stressed, and well slept is a benefit in anyone’s book, am I right? Here are the deets: Post rush, the hormone prolactin helps you feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly while oxytocin and vasopressin help you sleep soundly. 

Closer Bonds 

When you orgasm, a hormone called oxytocin is released. You can think of oxytocin as the “snuggle hormone” or the “love hormone” because it is a big factor in regulating mental health, strengthening social bonds, and modulating stress. 

Increased Circulation 

Your blood starts flowing like crazy, causing increased circulation and bringing about some major benefits to your body. With all that extra blood pumping you can look forward to a glow like no other, along with a nice dose of dewy hydration for your skin and fresh Angelina Jolie plumped lips. 

Stronger Immunity 

Orgasms release DHEA which gets to work helping to repair tissues, stabilize your immune system, and promote bone health.

At The Pink Boxxe, we’re serious believers of the power and benefits of a daily orgasm. Lucky for everyone, taking advantage of these health benefits couldn’t be easier. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s an activity that can be shared. We’re here to encourage you to always take your pleasure seriously and to get off – often!