Anal August is Here: Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

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Anal August is Here: Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

We don’t know if it’s just us (we do work in the sex and personal pleasure industry, after all), but it seems like there’s a sex-themed monthly celebration for nearly every month of the year these days…

And 👏 We 👏 Are 👏 Here 👏 For 👏 It 👏

So, in honor of this month’s sex-positive theme, we’ll be celebrating Anal Pleasure Month – aka Anal August – (it’s a thing, we promise. We’re not just making this stuff up) by sharing some of the most important tips for those who are interested in exploring the finer points of anal sex but may be a little apprehensive about how to make it enjoyable for the receiver. Because after all, if sex isn’t enjoyable for all parties involved, why even have it? And who says a little back-door play can only be fun for the giver? Not us!

At The Pink Boxxe, we believe in great sex for all – which is why we humbly present this all-booty-themed blog post!


Anal Tip #1: Get Comfy and Clean

One of the biggest worries that newbies have about anal sex is wondering whether or not they’re clean back there. While that’s a fairly legitimate concern (it is our body’s natural exit, after all), there are simple remedies; take a good shower before anal play.

A nice warm shower helps you feel cleansed of those dirty thoughts (literally), while also helping your body and muscles relax. Want to go the extra mile and feel as cleaned out as possible? Anal douching is an option, although it’s not necessary unless you plan on engaging in a good bit of analingus, as well.

Now that your body is clean and refreshed, time to get comfortable. Make the environment as stress-free as possible. Turn on a fan, light some candles, dim the lights, put on your favorite undies – whatever your relaxation techniques, being as comfortable as possible will help prevent anxiety from muddying your ability to enjoy the experience.


Anal Tip #2: Breathe and Relax Your Body and Mind

This one may seem obvious, but anal sex requires a certain amount of relaxing the mind and body. If your body (and by extension, your booty) is tight, anxious, and clenched, it’s going to make enjoying the experience very difficult.

Taking deep, slow breaths is a great way to help relax your body and mind at the same time. Try to push out tension with every exhale. Not only does this physically allow you to make the experience pleasurable, but it also allows your mind to focus on the pleasure aspects more intently.


Anal Tip #3: Use a Condom

Okay, we’ve all seen those videos on Xtube where the stars go at it hot and heavy in the rear-end without any protection.

Want to know a secret? That’s not reality.

Shocking, we know. Who would have thought that porn wasn’t an accurate representation of sex in the real-world? We’re aghast at this revelation…

Okay, all kidding aside, you certainly CAN have anal sex without a condom, but it’s not strongly recommended. Most sex experts and medical professionals recommend using a condom for any sort of penetrative anal sex, as our anuses are riddled with thousands of types of bacteria. While this bacteria is perfectly natural and exists inside everyone, it’s meant to live in the anus – not any other orifice on the body.

On top of that, using condoms with partnered sex makes clean up easier and more hygienic. Using condoms with toys made of porous materials (such as rubber, PVC or vinyl) is always a good idea, too, since those toys can’t be properly sterilized the way nonporous materials (silicone, stainless steel, glass) toys can.


Anal Tip #4: Pick a Good Lube (And Plenty of It!)

The key to really enjoying anal sex? Lube, lube, and more lube. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubricant. The more lube you use, the more comfortable and enjoyable anal sex can be. If you’re using a condom, don’t forget to make sure to apply a water or silicone-based lubricant (oil-based lubricants aren’t compatible with condoms). Don’t be afraid to reapply frequently. More lube equals better anal sex always.


Anal Tip #5: Warm It Up

We all know that good foreplay is often a key to good sex, right? The same goes for anal. Warming up the fun with lots of foreplay helps the receiver to relax, focus on the pleasure, and enjoy the moment. If you’re playing by yourself, try pleasuring yourself with other methods before trying some anal fun. To steal a quote from one of the American Pie movies, “you’ve got to preheat the oven before you stick in the turkey!”


Anal Tip #6: Take It Slow

Ready to dive in? Great! Make sure that you remember to ease into anal sex. One of the biggest mistakes that newbies make it jumping in full-force (thanks again, Xtube, for the unrealistic expectations). The truth is, no matter how much lube you use, your backdoor is not a water slide. First-time anal sex should be approached like getting into a really hot bath tub. First, you test the waters during foreplay, allowing your partner to gently rub around the opening with their finger, before experimenting with actually inserting anything. Whether you’re using a penis, a finger, or a toy, start slowly with just the tip before inserting anything any deeper.


Anal Tip #7: Try a Toy

Want to get comfortable with the sensation of anal penetration before letting your partner have a pass? Try a toy! Whether you’re playing by yourself or with a partner, using anal sex toys like a small dildo, anal plugs, or anal vibrators can be a great way to ease into things. The key here is to be gentle and communicate. If at any point things get too uncomfortable, speak up.

Looking to really help make the connection between anal stimulation and pleasure? Try getting a set of progressively sized anal plugs and wearing them during other sex play, whether vaginal, oral, or manual. These will help you get more comfortable with the feeling of anal play while still enjoying the experience of the sex you’re already familiar and comfortable with.


Anal Tip #8: Don’t Forget The Other Zones

One of the biggest mistakes that penis-owners make when engaging in anal sex is focusing solely on the… ahem… task at hand.

Look guys, we get it – most guys fetishize the idea of anal to the point where it can become a singular focus. It’s like a shark sensing blood in the water — everything else falls by the wayside and 100% of the attention goes to the one singular pursuit.

While we get it, focusing too much on the booty only can really leave the experience lacking. After all, the receiver (regardless of gender) has plenty of other erogenous zones that can be stimulated simultaneously. Don’t be afraid to include other types of stimulation into the play while having anal sex. Make the experience about more than just the sensation of anal penetration.

Got a partner that’s only focused on the south-end of your north-bound body? Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for more touch, engagement and stimulation. If they aren’t great at taking directions, then take matters (literally) into your own hands. After all, it’s your body and your sex… make it good for yourself and you’ll enjoy it that much more.


Anal Tip #9: Don’t Cross-Pollinate

Guys, seriously, just leave the cross-pollinating to the bees. We cannot stress this one enough, so we’ll bold, all-caps, italicize the final point: NEVER CROSS-POLLINATE WITH ANY OTHER BODY PART AFTER ANAL!

Yes, we’ve all seen those porn clips where the stars ignore this rule, but again – this isn’t reality. In the real world, moving from your anus to a vagina or mouth is a recipe for disaster, a UTI, or worse. Trust us, it’s not something you want to do. It’s okay to keep the fun going after anal play, but clean up before you opt for any additional penetrative sex.

And there you have it, folks – the beginners guide to enjoying anal sex and taking advantage of Anal Pleasure Month (thanks again, August!). Here at The Pink Boxxe, we have all the accessories, lubes, toys and more you could possibly need to make this Anal August a huge success. Whether you’re gearing up to make your Anal August one for the books, or you’re looking for a totally different type of sexual and personal pleasure experience, come see us for all your adult-themed needs.